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Curvy Kate's New Extended Sizes

I have always struggled finding the best fitting bras in any high street store. I finally got myself measured at M&S who said I was a 42DD. However, I found that many bras of this size either don't come in sets or I shouldn't be wearing them until I'm at least 70. So when I saw Curvy Kate are now offering a wider range of sizes, I had to get involved and was very lucky to receive 2 of their sets... In my size!

The two sets I received were Wild Cat Leopard and Princess Blueberry. They are both very comfortable and they don't dig in at all! My favourite is Wild Cat Leopard because I'm a sucker for anything animal print! The briefs are comfortable too with a flattering cut so there's no way of looking frumpy! I also love how they're sheer at the back! Very cheeky and light! What I love about these is that anyone can wear these at any age or shape and feel  comfortable and beaut!

From Autumn/Winter, Curvy Kate have added more lines that are sizes 42-44 D-G and have also extended their brief sizes to UK 24. This means that everyone has the opportunity to own beautiful lingerie without it being ill-fitting or boring!

Also, there is a sale running until 31st October 2016 which includes bras from as low as £15.00 in sizes 28-44 back size. You might even be able to pick up matching briefs in the sale from £3.00 in sizes 8-24.

Thank you for letting me have these gorgeous sets and make sure you all check out the sale that ends on 31st October 2016.

On The Box #2

There's been some good things on last week alongside Strictly, Bake Off (my heart is broken with who was eliminated this week) and Westworld. Tuesday's are especially a hard day because there's so many good things on at 9pm so catch up is the way to go! Here's what I was watching last week and whether it is worth catching up on!

Black Mirror - Netflix
Finally the third series is out from this great programme. In the first episode of series 3, a woman is desperate to boost her social media score. She is then invited to a high end wedding which is a great thing right? Unfortunately it's not all it's cracked up to be. Everyone has some sort of rating and your rating determines your lifestyle. At one point the woman is recommended to get rid of any friends under a 4.5 rating (kinda the same as ditching your real quirky friends for the cool kids!) If you take anything from this, is not to be fake. Be real, be authentic and don't forget there's a life outside of social media! All episodes are available to binge watch on Netflix and I highly recommend you do. (image: EW)

There was a lot of hype about this! The series follows a boy that has inherited supernatural powers from his grandfather and his journey into adolescence. There's not really much to give away on this yet as the first episode was more a series of events put together. I would initially describe this programme a horror for kids. To be honest, I didn't think much on it but I am going to continue watching it until the end because who knows what will happen! (image: ITV)

Married at First Sight - Channel 4
An estimated 15 million people are single in the UK but not all are single by choice and science shows that being married can help you live longer (really!?) So basically in this show, 2 strangers meet for the first time on their wedding day. They get married based on scientists putting them together based on similarities and personalities. It's so f*cking crazy that I love it. I'm also surprised of the amount of people my age that applied for this show and keep saying that they should be settled by now... hmm. (image: Channel 4)

Ordinary Lives - BBC One
I've always been told; once you go looking for something, you will most likely find it. Good or bad. If you didn't see the first series, Ordinary Lives is a drama series where each episode delves into each characters lives and you find out about their secrets and lies. Based around a call centre and warehouse, the first episode follows manager Joe who suspects that his wife is having an affairs and installs hidden CCTV cameras around the house. This a brilliant series and shouldn't be missed by anyone! It's on every Tuesday night on BBC One. (image: Metro)

Emmerdale - ITV
I have been full blown gripped to the television this week trying to work out who's funeral we were watching! I won't give it away but you need to catch up on this if you haven't already. There was some great acting and you really didn't find out who had died until the last 2 minutes of Friday night's show. Definitely not one to miss. (image: Daily Star)

What else has everyone been watching?

Friday Vibes #1

Friday is probably my favourite day of the week. It's the last day of the working week (sorry for those who work on a weekend!) and usually a great time to catch up with friends at happy hour! The thing that gets me in the mood for Friday is music! But not just any kind of music, the throwback jams that I love to sing along too! I have decided to start a new feature each fortnight with a short playlist to get everyone in the mood for the weekend. Enjoy!

Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers

TLC - No Scrubs

Mariah Carey ft Jay Z - Heartbreaker
Jade - Don't Walk Away

Soul II Soul - Back To Life
What's your favourite Throwback anthem?

What It's Like Going To The Job Centre

Recently, I lost my job.
I wasn't fired (Thank God) but I didn't exactly quit either. Long story short, I was a homeworker who had temporarily moved back to my hometown. I had hopes of going back to university in September to do my teacher training but unfortunately my circumstances had changed because of trouble at home and I asked my employer if I could permanently stay working from my current location. I was rejected because the distance from the office was too far... even though I was already working at said address. So I then had to put in an appeal to HR, who also rejected my request and gave me until the end of September to either move closer to the officer or leave. As moving back North was not an option I was put in a situation where I had to resign... otherwise I probably would've been fired!

I had to pay all my holiday back and was left with hardly any money and had no other job prospects at the time. Luckily, due to spending the last few years working in the benefits department, I knew I could go and sign on. I was anxious to do this because of the stick many people get for signing on but as my Mum kept saying, I'd been paying National Insurance and Income Tax for the last 5 years and this system is in place to help with things like this. So, I started looking into what I needed to do, what I would be entitled to and thought I would share my experience with you.

The Application
There are different types of benefits that you can qualify for when you are not working or have a low income; Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support and most recently Universal Credit. Using the benefits calculator, I was able to find out what I could apply for based on my circumstances and how to do it. The application form is so simple and even has buttons to press if you do not understand what is being asked.

Phone Interview
After you have filled out the application form, someone from the DWP will call you and usually go through the same questions that you have just answered online. They explain the conditions and book you in for a meeting with someone at your local Job Centre. The man I spoke to was extremely polite and was very helpful with any questions I had. He explained I had to wait a while before I would get paid any money but that if I had anymore questions I could ask the lady I was scheduled to meet in the upcoming days.

The Job Centre
Despite the rumours, there were no queues and there were no one that looked "dodgy". In fact, everyone was friendly, the centre was clean, full of information and there is security, you know... just incase! There's lots of posters everywhere of different job opportunities and information for those who cannot work due to disability or illness. There's also computers there so you can sit and apply for jobs right in the job centre. I saw a lot of proactive people looking for work and I actually felt quite comfortable being there.

As it was my first time attending the meeting, I was a little confused of where to go once in the centre. I kinda just stood there hoping someone would come and find me! Luckily, a very friendly security lady came to my rescue and pointed to where I needed to go. I assumed there would be a reception but there wasn't you just go straight up to the person you are supposed to see, which is actually a lot better than having to explain multiple of times what you are there for.

(Photo credit: Weheartit)

The Meeting
At first, the lady I spoke to wasn't very forthcoming and passed me on to someone else. I had to show my ID and proof of address and I was told what to expect, a little more about the benefit I was applying for, who to contact when I started work or needed an advance and when I would be getting paid. While waiting for the lady I originally approached, I was able to talk properly to the benefits advisor where we were able to compare our work history similarities and she gave me some contacts for possible job prospects, which was very helpful of her! When I sat back down with the original lady, we went through what sort of jobs I was looking for, current vacancies that were available and the terms and conditions of my contract. One of the conditions was that I had to spend 30 hours a week looking for jobs. "Looking for a job should be a full time job" which is very true. I was bombarded with different sheets of paper that showed how to write a covering letter, how to update my CV and how to approach employers. She also had 3 huge binders full of jobs that had came through in the last few weeks! I left that day with 3 interviews lined up as well as the 2 interviews I already had set up prior.

After The First Meeting
Usually you have to go to the Job Centre every week depending on what you have applied for. In the meeting, you have to provide proof that you have applied for jobs and that you have met the minimum of 30 hours of job searching. I bought a notebook and wrote down everything that I applied for and emails I responded to and all the interviews I attended.
Thankfully, I got the job I wanted the next day after going to the Job Centre (talk about luck!). I phoned the hotline number I was given to let them know I was starting work. As I didn't have a start date, I will have to call back so they will be able to end my benefit from that day. But until then, I'm still covered until then.

Overall, I've had a really good experience with the Job Centre and DWP. There is so much opportunity out there and I can't believe how many jobs are going. Don't get me wrong, the system isn't perfect but personally, I am grateful for the help in such a hard time and honestly I would be stuck without that little bit of money.

I'm interested to know everyone else's experience and whether it changed your mind on benefits. Let me know in the comments below.
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